November 20, 2014

Inspire My City Day #1 – 21 Cities joined us creating a Wave of Inspiration and Positivity across the World

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Cities that joined in our Worldwide Guerrilla Positive Action:

Bulgaria – Sofia
Canada: Edmonton
Germany: Dresden, Berlin, Oberhausen, Darmstadt
Italy: Milan, Rome
Portugal: Porto
Poland, Krakow
Spain: Barcelona
Switzerland: Zurich
UK: London, Reading, Liverpool
Ukraine: Lviv
USA: Vineland (NJ), Billings (MT), Albuquerque (NM), Raleigh (NC)
Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City


The 1st Inspire MY City Day was a magnificent success, breaking our record for the most cities joining in a coordinated action as 21 Cities from as far away as Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam all came together to share positive message and inspire the people of their city

Each message will have been seen by hundreds, or thousands of people over the next days, giving their day a little lift and its our hope that some of those words reached those who were really in need of them in their life, maybe as a reminder to treat themselves ..or others better, or as a little electric reverberation of positive thinking and wisdom, to remind themeselves to care about themselves and others to not do that self-damaging thing they were about to do


I’ll let the photos and videos we’ve gathered so far tell you our happy story;