Contact the Press


Our movement for a more friendly, connected, safer and happier World will be built on a wave of hundreds of thousands of small activities, and all of our events work great with just a few people, normally by simply inviting the public to join in as they pass.

If you’d like to build a crowd you’ll normally need to contact the media, you can try searching for: local press, radio, magazines, websites – if you have contacts at universities their media are often a very valuable resource. Put posters in your work, gym, uni, etc. 

Include this in your contact email/press release:


An Exciting Headline


a paragraph with who, where (name of location and time), what and why?


Event Description:
A brief description of what will happen on the day, full of exciting descriptive words.

How will Attendee’s find you?
Address, photo of meeting point, what to look for (bubbles, a soft toy, signs, etc)

Personal Statement:
A personal statement what the event means to you, what is your connection with the cause or with Focallocal?

For More Info:

[email protected]
[email protected]

Link to the Event:
copy/paste where you want readers to sign up (facebook, eventbrite, etc)



  • Keep it short and to the point, less than a sheet of A4
  • Headings should make for easy reading with bold headers for each section if possible
  • Don’t include other attachments than a single photo, some reporters find this irritating 

Follow Up! 
Send the press who published your event photos, videos, quotes and articles from it – increasing your exposure, and making them more likely to want to feature your Focallocal events in the future :0)