The Focallocal Road Trip



Why? Imagine a World where every time you walked out your door there was some interesting and fun activity going on. Imagine if it was just normal for people you hadn’t met before to smile as they see you and ask if you’d like to join in.

Imagine how many lonely and isolated people living in our society today would feel supported, rather than on the outside. Imagine the effect everyone living and growing up in a world that felt safe, friendly and supportive would have. Imagine how much safer and more connected life would feel if these positive social actions were all around you, all of the time!

Imagine if everyone knew they could come together and use these positive social actions as tools to tackle all the serious societal issues we face in life today!

I did! Now I find myself living in a big van called Connie (for Connection) which is adorned in colourful happy paintings from many of the wonderful people who support us; 


and on a mission to show everyone I meet how easy it is to make a positive difference to the World around them, while spreading my vision for how together we can build a happier and more connected World through positive social action, by using simple events and projects which reach out to others in your community; 

most taking less time than meeting your friends for a coffee! Some taking absolutely no time at all! Its soo easy, why wouldn’t you want to join in??


Backstory: I ran our events in London for a year, and the responses I received from those who joined in, and pass by has been astonishing! i’ve received messages and photo’s from people who experienced our London events and were inspired to recreate them, or similar events in France, Canada, Australia, Poland, Austria and New Zealand already.  The genuine happiness and enthusiasm for change that a small group of proactive people is able to instil in hundreds of passers-by ofrced me to question; what impact would a community of 1000 ..or 10,000 people running positive social action activities in their local community, have on the world? So I was inspired to find out!

DCIM100GOPROMy aim is to drive around Europe, then down through the Middle East and then onwards towards Vietnam. Our project has no funding, and it suits us that way. We’ve turned down corporations wanting to sponsor our community projects, and we don’t want government funding. Our aim is to bring people together and show them that together they can change the World around them; they, you ..and we don’t need governments, and rich sponsors to make positive change possible!

The money I saved up counselling troubled young people before the project is gone, and so we will float or sink by reducing costs and on the kindness and support from people who want to see us succeed.


How you can Support the Road Trip and the Focallocal Project:

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    Our van Connie has been converted to run on Waste Vegetable Oil, if we are coming to your town ask a few local restaurants, and fast food places if we can come and collect some of their waste veg oil. Some have contracts to sell their waste, but most just throw it out – we can use it to spread happiness and build connection! :0)

  • Invite Andy for a shower!

  • Donate any old food you have knocking around that probably wont eat (vegetarian).

  • Study partners – Focallocal looks like all fun and stuff, but I spend a lot of time online building, planning and plotting our project. I’d love some company while I work, especially if you know where we can get free Wifi!

  • Please feel welcome and invited to jump in a car, motorbike, or take a tent, stick out your thumb and go hitch-hiking and come join me! I’d love to have you join our adventure to change the World!

Focallocal Road Trip Map