I’d love fans to stand up for their players and non-Caucasian fans by surrounding anyone shouting abuse to drown them out to make clear that their views are not welcome, with a coordinated chant – if everyone knows the drill it’ll be more likely to happen, take off, and spread among other clubs

If you imagine incidents like when the England youth team were abused fairly recently. Those are kids living out their dream on a huge occasion, then a few idiots in the crowd burst the bubble and ruin it. If 99.9% of the crowd joined in a chant to let them know they are behind them then it would turn the moment from a shitty one into one where they feel backed as athletes and human-being by everyone there.

Real fans shouldn’t suffer due to a handful of racist idiots. What is something non-violent that a body of fans can do or chant to shut down someone in the crowd near them being racist and show support for the players targeted?

It would be great to launch an awareness campaign for a coordinated action all the other fans can take which drowns out the racism in football, showing solidarity and support for the player(s) being targeted, and belittling the behaviour of problem fans. What are your suggestions?

How can you get to know the people you should meet, better and faster

I just wanted to share a quick technique i’ve experimented with successfully and added to my tool box, which is helping me to connect with people around me much faster and better. Networking
People networking hear so many project pitches, few will match perfectly or really interest them. How can you make yours stand out? The answer is don’t. Drop the pitch. Getting to know the person behind the project is far more valuable, and what they want to know is what drives you, so i’ve been asking ‘what change are you trying to make in this world?’.

Part 3: We are the World Record Holders for the Worlds Longest Group Hug! a positive protest at inactivity on the homelessness crisis in the UK

Part 1: Build Up
Part 2: The Hug Day 1

The End
After that long, panic stricken 1st day and the lonely night still sending out messages for people to come help, things began getting smoother. We began coasting. Each of us had out spells of thinking we should stop and drop out on that last day, but the other two and supporters were always there as we neared the end, and mostly it began going a lot easier. Some might call it dastardly, but i hadn’t told my hug partners that the previous world record was 26 hours, to help them avoid clock watching – and they hadn’t checked it. We’d already broken it by 5 hours when i decided it was time and told them.

Part 2: We are the World Record Holders for the Worlds Longest Group Hug! a positive protest at inactivity on the homelessness crisis in the UK

The Hug
Lets get it out the way 1st, i know you’re already wondering. Toileting. We decided to submit our record bid to Guinness who actually require that anyone breaking an endurance record takes a 5 min break every hour.. i guess at some point their records got a little messy so they introduced that. During the day that meant a run to the nearby pub, at night i had a pop up tent with a little camping toilet in it. Arriving at Westminster Tube station dripping sweat from rushing around with the heavy box, i felt like a watery zombie. I put the box down and pulled a muscle in my back.

Part 1: We are the World Record Holders for the Worlds Longest Group Hug! a positive protest at inactivity on the homelessness crisis in the UK

A little late, but here’s my account of our World record breaking hug marathon, which we undertook just before Xmas in 2017 to raise awareness for the ever increasing homelessness crisis in the UK – and to promote our effort to bring communities together to support societies most vulnerable ourselves, as the UK government is ignoring them. Everyone can get involved and find effective ways to help people who are homeless near them to begin building a better future on The Brighter Tomorrow Map

1) Is it an official World Record? a) Maybe. Our main camera our GoPro was on low quality to save space, and the quality makes it difficult to see the clock. If anyone is good enough to clean the footage up and make the clock visible, then we can submit it, although it looks too poor to recover.