February 5, 2013

Pillow Fights for Love!

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photo by Saralouise

You’re either a lover or a fighter, right? But is it possible to have a fluffy, happy medium? Can people love to fight? Can we fight for love?


”… if you really love something you want to protect it. It needs courage and self confidence to stand up to the own values. So people fight for it. The main reason why we are doing this is kinda selfish: we want to keep things which makes us happy around us…” – Focallocal member, Anna-Lena


In a society that is so used to a dog eat dog way of life, the voices that often go unheard are the ones that are soft, loving and encouraging. We so easily assume the worst, and are often deaf or numb to a kind word.


We are fighting for community, acceptance, freedom of spirit, and laughter. Would it be a stretch that in knowing this, that we are also fighting for love? Love is a word that is used so loosely nowadays. “I love chocolate!”, “I love that shirt!”, “I love this song!” But do we love our neighbors? Do we KNOW our neighbors? I’m sure just like me, you pass someone in your flat, your apartment, or your block everyday. Do you say hello? Or even look them in the eyes and smile? If you have to think about your response, that is enough of an answer.


“Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” – Mother Theresa, Focallocal member.

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The pillow fight is not representing quarrelling  or any kind of malicious intentions, but simply the desire to welcome anyone who will step out from their comfort zone and embrace the silly and spontaneous adventure of having fun with complete strangers while bopping them with a pillow a few times!


This is one of our longest running and highly anticipated events. One of its attracting features could be that it’s a fantastic form of exercise!


”Its amazing how tiring it is; swinging that pillow around like a maniac and jumping, ducking and running around like most adults have forgotten many moons ago! Acting like a kid again for an afternoon is much better exercise than any gym I’ve ever been to, and a whole lot more fun!” –founder, [email protected]

photo by Saralouise


And although this particular event didn’t last too long due to the cold, the pillow fights usually go on for a full afternoon! There are unspoken intermissions, of course, as people one by one run out of steam. But the fight is quickly started up again as soon as someone gets their second or third wind, swings a cheeky hit, and the roar of laughter begins once more.


After this past pillow fight we went out to a lovely boat bar on the Thames called the Tattershall Castle bar for a round as we laughed about the fight like a bunch of giddy young gaffers! We compared “battle wounds” (aka overthrown shoulders, feeling out of shape, and sore cheeks from laughing), and gave a toast to us, the victorious warriors of fun!



With Love, We Fight For Love.


-Angie at Focallocal

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