February 5, 2013

Transport Jam #3: Let the music play!

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“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination
and life to everything.”


People are by nature drawn to music. So we would hope! By invading the tube armed with jambes, harmonicas, a violin, and a few other musical nick knacks, we put this theory to the test. It was amazing to watch the varying reactions on people’s faces. Some scoffed and turned their heads, while some snickered and looked coyly on with their mobiles. Even a dozen people or so joined in who were not in the original group! It was fantastic. These were all reactions I was anticipating.


But what shocked me was when a few people who were sitting on the tube saw us coming on board  jumped up out of their seats and off the tube to wait for the next train. Even though it only happened once, it was saddening as it became clear to me how some people simply do not appreciate fun or surprises. Perhaps they are too easily irritated. Would they do the same if they were on vacation in Nice and a small quartet started to sing? I don’t think our music and singing was that awful! Now, I might be a bit bias but regardless, I think we had a good thing going for not having any rehearsals! It was heartfelt and enjoyable music that you couldn’t help but tap your foot or bob your head to!

It was so amazingly joyful! Faces and abs were hurting from all of the laughing within only an hour of the event! Along with our instruments, we had bubbles, moustaches  and sparkling hats all being passed around and enjoyed. At a few of the overground stops there was still snow and so of course the snowballs flew. Oh how they flew…and seemed to find their way down many peoples shirts! Brr!  This wonderful collaboration of music, dancing, laughing, and sharing brought a group of mostly strangers together like we were all old friends having a reunion of a lifetime.

In a city that is constantly striving to be ahead of the times, pushing forward, and rushing around, it’s hard to take a moment to breathe, smile, and look at the world and people around you and see the beauty that is around us. We have become machine-like creatures who are often quite backwards. We’ve got our quick and slow motives backwards! Quick to anger, slow to forgive. Quick to judge, slow to listen. Quick to leave for work, slow to come home.


These musical tube rides are a monthly event, so join us as we transform London’s gloomy underground system into an oasis of excitement, fun and positive social interaction! Let’s start living the right way!


”You only live once, but if you do it right, once is all you need.”- Mae West


-Angie at Focallocal


Mariana from Focallocal says: London’s trains are full of interesting and unique people from everywhere in the world.  And yet every single one of us sits there in our own single world. This Saturday we will break traditions and make the London tube the most (literally) vibrant place to be.


Confucious said “music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without”. Music moves us and stirs our emotions because the brain releases the feel-good chemical dopamine. The effervescence of making and listening to music with other people is even more powerful. Last time even the serious and quiet caught our musical fever! So say The Cat Empire that “Music is the language of us all”

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