February 9, 2013

Trash can be beautiful… an article by Angie

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…and ‘junk’ can be musical!

We’ve all seen the YouTube videos where people have made amazing musical instruments from things that are just lying around their house. PVC piping. Garbage tins. Plastic bottles. You name it, and guaranteed someone has found a way to make it sound amazing!

There are so many instruments out there that we can buy. Different qualities, sizes, shapes, and brand names. But just try to ponder the possibilities you have for creating your own individual sound!


The only limit is your mind!

If we were to through elastics, tin cans, string, sticks, paper, and pebbles down on a table in front of you, would you stare back at us thinking “what am I supposed to do with these?!”. Or would you stare at the items before you and think “Oh! What I can DO with THESE!!”  It’s only a small shift of mind that can take you from conformity to creativity!

The greatest joys can come from the simplest of things.

Music is a part of what makes us soulful human beings. It’s a way of expressing ourselves, our desires, motives, feelings. And it is a way to escape from the moment and be in the world that you choose to create with the sounds that you make.

Take for instance this beautiful story about kinds in Paraguay;


“…These kids fromParaguayhave experienced the joy that comes from playing music. Many of them would claim that playing music is what makes their lives worthwhile.” – sheilamarie on wizzley

Take a moment to go to this site and watch what these kids can do with a little imagination, and a bunch of scraps.

You see, so often our own ego is the main antagonist we have to face when thinking outside of the box. And despite our best efforts, we are often too concerned with what other people think.

So stop thinking, and just start being, and doing what feels right, natural and fun!

Come and join us, and make something magical appear out of nothing!

-Angie at Focallocal

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