May 11, 2013

Pillow Fight 4Connection and Teddy Bear Picnic London – May 2013

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Bank holiday weekend and what better way to start it than having a giant pillow fight and picnic in the sun at Green park?!?!



The idea behind this event (and many of the other amazing events that Focallocal organise) is to bring people together in an increasingly isolated community and I must say it worked.  Within twenty minutes of arriving I had made friends with 15 or so other Londoners who I would never normally have the pleasure of meeting and were happily bonding the sort of lasting relationships that can only be forged whilst hitting each other over the head with pillows!  Some clever little cookie (aka Andy) even thought to bring pillows for random passes by to join in so very quickly more and more slightly bewildered but much happier Londoners had joined in and the pillow fight was truly underway!


After an hour or so of walloping each other with pillows we were all in need of some rest and food to rebuild our energy. Which fitted in nicely with our friends at Sound Asleep and the Teddy Bear Picnic they had arranged ,conveniently also in Green Park. Coincidences hey… 🙂
[note from Andy: this was a planned collaboration with our friends Sound Asleep who are advertising their  short film about insomnia – it complimented us very well and we will do so again :]



It was a strange collection of samba musicians, teddy bears, giant onesies, human banana’s, and a lot of pillows but what a lovely collection it was!  Soon the samba band’s seducing beats were drawing in even more passers by and the sun eventually decided to come out and play.  With laughter yoga, dancing and hula-hooping I can honestly say Saturday was not only one of the best days I have had in a long time, but also one of the best work outs!  So as I sit here typing this blog smiling to myself with the memories and my abdominals still hurting from a mixture of laughing and ducking and diving, I can only ask, when can we do the next one????


Author: Lizzie Heath



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