June 15, 2013

International Pillow Fight Day 2013 in Trafalgar Square

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Literally the 1st sunshine of the year had popped out to join us and it was a glorious day! I blew my luminous yellow trumpet as a sea of pillows erupted into tumultuous pools of cheerful battle and soft, fluffy, combat! we were packed in shoulder to shoulder and the only way to actually hit people was to keep my arms stretched above my head and flap downwards, there was certainly no room to swing a cat in the entirety of Trafalgar sq. I have no-idea how the less tall of us were able to do battle, perhaps they were able to find spaces invisible from my vantage point. gradually an inch or two more space creeped in as people began to spread out or take a break ..it’s unbelievably tiring work swinging a pillow endlessly, i have no idea how i did it so effortlessly when i was a kid!



I came across some regular Focallocalers in the middle of the mayhem, and enthusiastically shared my happiness with them ..in the form of double pillows smacking into their smiling faces, as we fought/played onwards for around 3 hrs, before finally retiring exhausted from the feather strewn battlefield to St James Park for some well needed chill time in the last ray’s of the days beautiful sunshine.


With great thanks to the Urban Playground Collective, contacts at Couchsurfing and a few social media guru’s, it was a truly epic event with a crowd of around 8,000 thousands to Trafalgar Square, strangers coming from far and wide to happily revel in shared sillyness with strangers for an afternoon. Thanks also goes out to the Sunshine, as it simply couldnt miss the fun and the Sun put his hat on to join us for this truly glorious day.



(You’ll have to find these on our Facebook or Google Plus page, as they were reliant on the now defunct Picasa)

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