October 26, 2013

Focallocal Builds the Arab Spring Uprising Exhibition for the 2012 Olympics – Part One

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Arab Spring Uprising Exhibition at the 2012 Olympics – Part 1 

While at our Bubble Blowing Bazaar Flash-mob at the Princess Diana memorial park – where we filled the air with a billion bubbles and rejoiced at the delight on the faces of the children playing in the park as the sky filled with magical creations of see-through happiness – I received an unusual 30 minute phone call from a stranger. I had very little idea what it was about as we had a terrible connection and I could hardly hear a thing, but it sounded important. After asking the caller to repeat himself about 20 times I gave up and put on my best impression of someone who understands a conversation they are mostly not involved in, then arranged to meet the caller in a different park a few hours later.

Turns out it was indeed a very important conversation that I had just missed 85% of; the mystery caller was our soon to be friend and Focallocal’s Strategic Consult Aladin (that’s it, he doesnt have a surname ..apparently ‘it’s a Sufi thing’). We met in a small park nearby and he explained the opportunity that was being presented to us, it turns out that Aladin had been running in a park a few weeks earlier and came across our Open Skills Swap. attracted by the good vibes being given off he came over and had a go at some slack lining, it turned out that he was running the biggest art project of the London Olympics and needed a team of volunteers to help deliver it, in exchange for business advice and connections at what has become our office, Hub Westminster in the New Zealand Embassy – the centre of London’s social enterprise/economy movement.

photos in our Facebook account. They were linked to this article via the now defunct Picasa 

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