October 26, 2013

Up-cycling Workshop with those who are Homeless in London

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A big part of Focallocal’s mission to bring the community closer together is helping groups who are likely to feel isolated within society, and so every other Saturday a team of Focallocal’s volunteers spend the morning (from 10am – 1pm) hanging out in the Connection at St Martins with London’s homeless, chilling out and chatting while teaching them how to make useful and interesting items out of junk.


The main purpose of the Up-cycling workshops is to provide a relaxed social space focused around a positive activity, providing a brief rest from the stresses of homelessness and a providing a feeling of normality which is often hard to find while living on the streets. Of course we also make some really cool items, (some of which you can see decorating this page) which attendee’s can use, give as gifts or potentially even sell.. most of the things I’m teaching are things I used to sell while hitch-hiking and camping or couch surfing around the world – and we are exploring plans to open market stalls and pop-up shops where they can sell the things they’ve made. We’re always looking for more volunteers to join the team to help plan, run and attend our projects with the Homeless so please get in touch if you’d like to join in!  


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