February 18, 2014

Focallocal Official New Site-Launch

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The path to today was so full of obstacles i often wondered if i’d make it here at all, but today Focallocal finally, officially, launches its shiny new website! I’d like to thank you all for your patience and invite you to join me on what i hope will be a truly remarkable ride!!


Many of you have been following Focallocal for sometime now and been regular visitors to our events so i’m sure you’re curious to know what our official launch actually means, is anything going to change? please read on and i’ll do my best to explain it at this early hour.

Firstly, it means i’m finally happy to show you all this shiny new site i’ve been working on for a very long (frustrating) time, i would love your feedback on it nd i’m sure it still has a few bugs i’ve missed so please hit the contact button and let me know when you come across them.

Secondly, after many changes of direction i have finally settled on what message and change i want Focallocal to bring to the world and how together we can achieve it. Focallocal is aiming to bring together people who want to make the world around them a better place to live and build a global community using fun and easily re-creatable activities to reduce the boundaries which separate us. Our events and projects are also the easiest to engage with and most fun way i could think of to explore and show others how powerful we can all be if we come together, using positive collective action to shape the society we live in.

Finally, until now Focallocal has almost entirely been based on my endeavors to create something. i’ve had lots of help, but the kind folk who did so were always helping my project. Now i want to release Focallocal and invite you all to come in and take ownership of it, it is our movement now! Together we can reach out all across the globe and create a tsunami of positive social action events and projects bringing wave after wave of positive energy into the lives of everyone.

I’ve kept the content on the site fairly small for now so as not to drown new visitors in information, but i’ve written up lots more events/projects and posts which i’m looking forwards to posting!

How can i be so sure it’ll work? 

Well in truth it would be crazy to expect that this is going to be something like our generation’s hippie movement – certainly the potential is there, so many people around the world are unhappy with the way the world is being run and if a tiny amount of that tension were channeled into positive social action and magnified by working together in collective action ..then something monumental really would happen.

But as i say it would be crazy to expect something so ambitious. For me personally i decided it doesn’t really matter. I wrapped it all up nicely in my head a few weeks back when pondering whether i was setting myself up for a big fall by putting all my time, effort and money into this and here’s what i came up with; ‘as long as i keep moving forwards i can’t fail, and as long as i enjoy the journey it doesn’t matter if i succeed’. Through Focallocal i’m just living life the way i want to live.

During all the positive events and projects i’ve put on i came to realize that it has already worked! every single activity we do has a positive impact on the people we interact with and that has already made the world feel like a happier place to them. I’ve received messages and photo’s from folk who came to our events and were inspired to recreate them, or similar events in France, Canada, Australia, Poland, Austria and New Zealand – so it can’t fail because every event creates a change to someone ..it has already succeeded!

I’m in, what can i do? 

Brilliant! Welcome! it’s your movement too now! here’s a couple of pointers to get you started:

  • read the ‘about’ page
  • click ‘register’
  • click the join us tab on the left of the screen and find a few groups you like
  • post in the groups forums, introduce yourself and discuss either setting up a project/event or helping someone else’s (until the events module is running we can post events with dates in the forums.
  • tell EVERYONE you know to come and have a look (i broke my laptop today and need your help even more than i was expecting to tell people around the world about our new site as a lot of the things i had planned with my phone)
  • share our posts and groups via social media and invite your friends to our events
  • if you know anyone with a camera we really need some step-by step videos filmed for how to create our events.


Thank you for being you,
Andy at Focallocal :0)

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