February 27, 2014

New Event: Urban Guerrilla Beautification

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Nature and the condition of our surroundings are deeply linked to our health and feeling of well-being, which is something easily forgotten in the hectic day to day life we live rushing around a dull, grey city; so lets come together to sneak a bit of nature into a neglected or boring corner of the city and bring that connection back into people’s daily lives through Guerrilla Urban Beautification! 

guerilla 3Dirty, run down and neglected spaces are linked to social problems through the Broken Window Theory so we are going to scout out a few and then come together as a group to turn them into beautiful urban gardens, spreading a little bit of natural happiness into peoples lives. This event works best with one main spot for the group to decorate like perhaps a dirty bridge we could clean and hang flowers from (and a back up), and other smaller spots that covert teams who want a bit more excitement can sneak to at different times to decorate.. like a little garden on top of a bus stop!

read more, join in the discussion and create your own on the new event page here

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