March 2, 2014

An Unexpected Discovery: Mass Pillow Fights

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– by Jenny P.  

Being an introvert, I had never really been a fan of crowds and any activity involving crowds, unless it’s something I already know I would enjoy. My friend Faith had to invite me twice to this event before I even considered going. I had a lot of excuses lined up: I have to do my chores, I want to continue my gaming binge, I need the rest, I’ve got 3 books I still haven’t finished reading. And yet…

Robert Kennedy once said, “There are those who look at things the way they are and ask why… I dream of things that never were and ask why not?

Well, in my life I had never really dreamt of going to things like these. Things that require direct human-to-human interaction just for the sake of it. So then I thought, why not eh? Even if it’s just this once and afterwards I go back to being the hermit that I am, locked in my room with only my books and computer games for company. I won’t really need to speak to any of them. All I need to do is hit them with a pillow! 

And so with this thought firmly in mind, travelled 1 and a half hours via train to London Green Park, where we met the event’s organiser, Andy. The sky was overcast, and the ground was muddy AND IT WAS FANTASTIC.

I was sort of nervous in the beginning and I didn’t really know what to do, then BAM. Someone hit me around the head with a pillow. It turned out to be my friend Faith, and as I started to chase her around to return the favour, someone else hit my back, and yet another one hit my arm. And that was it. I started laughing and chasing around anyone who wandered in too close to my pillows (I was dual-wielding them).

It’s hard to be shy and unsure around a bunch of cheerful people. No one cared about status or whether you were an introvert or extrovert or whether you were from London or not. Even though we’re all strangers, we were united in having so much fun pelting and hitting each other with soft pillows. Controlled violence as it were. It was a great form of stress relief and I guess there’s just something about pillow fights that brings out the inner child in all of us. Even the passers-by who were only watching had smiles on their faces, and quite a few also joined in! It felt good to see the impact of this event on everyone who came into contact with it.

By the time 3pm rolled around, I felt so comfortable with everyone that we suggested going out for drinks afterwards. I liked how the atmosphere was just calm and relaxed, and I was really pleased that I ended up with new friends afterwards. I started the day being reluctant about it and ended up wanting to attend more of these.

Andy is a genius for coming up with these brilliant ideas. 10/10 would recommend. 😀

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