March 26, 2014

Bring some happiness to your day with one of Focallocal’s many positive social events on our Youtube channel

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Click here if you’d like to visit and subscribe to our Youtube channel and browse the many videos we’ve collected of good times shared at our activities. i’m trying to make these feature more prominently on our website, but it is more complicated than it really should be so for now the best place to view Focallocal goodness is on Youtube.

If anyone out there enjoys editing video’s it would be an amazing lift for the Focallocal project to join the editing and production team and cut and slice these into exciting promo videos of our highlights to show the World what we’re doing here!

And i’m just about to splash out (money i dont have) on a Go Pro, so we can get much better quality footage to smooth out into videos, as recording what we do has always been my biggest weakness.

or just buy some popcorn, pop a bottle of wine, sit back and enjoy the following 26 vids of awesomeness on this playlist

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