April 3, 2014

Spreading smiles, joy and HUGS :) by Eirini

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What would make a better ending of a two-week-trip in UK than a focallocal free hugs event?

I ended up at the spot exhausted mainly by having to carry my backpack all day long. But somehow the friendly, multicultural environment cheered me up and I felt like I was riding on a wave of warm energy. Soon, I even forgot that I still had that backpack on my shoulders. There was no need to get rid of it anymore. I assume it’s true that hugs make you stronger literally and metaphorically.

A moment that I will never forget is when a little kid saw me holding my free hugs sign: His first reaction was a shy smile but just after this he started running towards me with open arms! This was seriously magic and it made me realize that an event like that is something I must organise in my city, too.

Stay away from focallocal events and you shall survive. Join them and you may drown out from positivity overdose! I warned you! 😛

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