April 8, 2014

International Pillow Fight Day London 2014

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Thank you to all who came and helped create another HUGE celebration of being alive and a wonderful experience for everyone there! We all filled the city full of smiles and goodwill to all! (expect the authorities who are convinced that people shouldn’t be allowed to come together and have fun without permits, permission and giving them money).

I was dashing around with my GoPro against my chin (apparently it helps stabilise the video.. or i’ve been cruelly mislead and will spend the next few months looking stupid ;), perhaps you saw me? if you did have a look at the video’s below and you might just see yourself being hit repeatedly in the face by my soft, friendly, fluffy but always right on target pillows – Mike Tyson would be proud of how often and sweet i landed them! If you do see yourself please let me know :O)

Click to see a collection of all everyone’s amazing photo’s that we are gathering together, full of happy people, wall to wall filling the square! to add yours you’ll need to invited by a contributor to the album ..for most people that’ll probably have to be me so send Andy at Focallocal a friend request on Facebook and a message asking to be made a contributor.

I’m also making a playlist of all our video’s, for everyone to enjoy and for anyone who enjoys editing to play around with. If you have any please send them to me at: [email protected] (i use https://www.wetransfer.com for sending large files easily).

If you’d like to join in with our movements attempt to make the world more connected, friendlier place using siple anf fun community events and projects, click the groups, events and projects tab on the left of this page and set up an event where you live, or join one of thee teams. alternatively send me an email to [email protected] to discuss the project and how you can help.

Lots of thanks to Sound Asleep for arranging the band which was an excellent idea! i’ll post a link to their video here soon.


Andy at Focallocal :O)




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