May 22, 2014

#PositiveActionRoadTrip 2014: Paris. part 1 – Magical activities! ..and a catastrophe strikes!

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I guess i wanted this trip to be an adventure. I certainly wouldn’t have chosen the beginning its had, but if i can find some way to keep on going then i suppose its will make for the beginnings to an excellent story ..all the best ones tales wouldn’t have happened without a dramatic turn of events.

IMG20140517015306566Friday morning had just past when the guys coming along for a ride finally arrived, about an hour and a half late. I didn’t know either of them very well, but I want lots of people to join me on the Focallocal Road Trip so it seemed sensible when they asked say yes, and begin taking the 1st steps towards a community of happy people, travelling around and creating positive events and projects to benefit local towns and villages and spreading our project far and wide. Their lateness was not a big problem, it just meant that we had to book a midnight ferry, although it turned out to be the beginnings of the troubles.

Saying goodbye to people and as a self proclaimed expert at last minute packing i hadn’t had slept much the night before, so when we arrived in France at 3am it was my intention to pull over and sleep in the 1st village we found. The other 2 REALLY wanted to wake in Paris (one for Busking and the other to repair a I-phone she’d just dropped), being typically over-confident in my own abilities i decided i could make it there and then sleep ..not the smartest decision i’ve ever made. As the night wore on we enjoyed a gorgeous sunrise on the motorway as we neared Paris, finally arriving, finding a place to park by 9 am. I was absolutely exhausted by this point having not slept more than 2hrs in the past 2 nights, and should be extremely thankful that this part of the adventure doesn’t have a significantly darker twist, being pressured into driving was really stupid. IMG20140517070959096

The 1st event of the Road Trip, Free Hugs was in 5 hours so as soon as soon as we parked I dived into bed to sleep. Unfortunately the girl who joined the trip decided she was tired but wanted to see Paris and so found a guy selling an artificial way to keep herself awake. For some bizarre reason she then invited him to hang out and drink with her inside the van, waking me repeatedly before I asked them to go somewhere else. Later I was to find out that she also left him alone inside the van so he could change out of his work clothes and so I woke to find that someone had been through my jacket pockets and stolen ALL of the money for the trip. 


Of course I absolutely should have made sure the money was much better hidden in my bags, but I was so tired I thought it would be ok for just a few hours with me in the van with it. Even more unfortunately i’d found a good deal on the exchange in the UK and now ..on the 1st day of the trip i have £525 gone, the majority of my small budget! Now I am facing a massive dilemma as to if, and how I can continue with the plan I worked so hard this past year setting up, at the expense of any social life – so I could do everything possible to spread our project and idea for connection with the World. 

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