May 22, 2014

“Take a Smile” from me :)

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take a smile 2

take a smile 3Take a smile:) its simple right? But people can’t believe that someone is doing this just to make others feel better. So when you are passing and you see people with big poster saying “TAKE A SMILE” who ask you to take one, what do you do? Smile, right?

It’s so simple and easy. I have been to Focallocal take a smile twice so far and it’s amazing!!! First we meet somewhere to make those beautiful posters and having fun, meeting new awesome people, maybe have a pint together, why not? And then go go go!

take a smileHappy people you see are easy to give a smile too, the hardest are those grumpy, sad looking ones. Its a challenge so if you make them smile you can count it double :)) it’s a great experience! Even if you can’t get people to smile at least you will make them think… What is it for?? Why?? Why don’t i smile when i’m walking???

Why do we do it?? To spread good energy all over the world :)) its a simple little thing to make people smile, but very powerful, So smile people!! :))

stay cool, smile a lot and laugh even more :))),
loads of love,
Julita xxx’

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