Focallocal are speaking at the LIFT Festival on Social Change, join us on the 18th June (London)

Andy at Focallocal (me) is flying back to London give our 1st public speech about our project and mission to bring people and local communities closer together. Please join us on Weds 18th June at the LIFT Festival on Projects for Social Change and Community Action. here’s the event intro:
A celebration of campaigners who demand change through sometimes bonkers and often beautiful acts held in The Yard Theatre, Hackney Wick. Yesterday’s eccentricity has a funny way of becoming today’s common sense. This is a celebration of people who campaign for unlikely things.

Spreading smiles all over the World for another year! Andy looking back (and feeling smug ;)

A really cool realisation has just fell from the sky and hit me over the head! I was looking through photos of our past events the other day for some good pics to make a collage out of, and i realised – Wow! i’ve made a hundreds of positive events over this past year, and all of those thousands of people were smiling because of me, and this crazy Mission you’ve all joined me on! o_O ! i’m feeling a little smug right now, its been a tough journey and i’ve worked insanely unhealthy hours to get here.