June 28, 2014

Watch Andy’s 1st speech – at the LIFT Festival for Social Change

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Here’s a video of my 1st public speaking gig. I’m not a big fan of drawing attention to myself, but it is a great opportunity to spread awareness of our idea and mission to use simple events to spread Focallocal around the World so i couldnt turn it down.

Feedback is absolutely welcome, i should get better at this.

(sorry for the poor video quality, our Gopro doesn’t deal with the dark very well).

The speech could have gone better, but it also could have gone a lot worse – overall i’m pretty happy with it for a 1st try! Afterwards I sat and wrote out everything that i missed from the speech as an exercise for myself so i thought why not post it here to compliment the video:

20140618_232628Why you think such organisation is needed, what is the positive outcome:

imagine if every time you walked out the door there was some interesting and fun activity going on. Imagine if it was the norm for people you hadn’t met before to smile as they see you and ask if you’d like to join in.  

imagine how much safer and more connected the world would feel. Imagine how many lonely and isolated people in our society wouldn’t need to feel on the outside. Imagine the effect everyone living and growing up in a world that felt safe, friendly and supportive would have. Imagine if people knew they could combine together to tackle all serious societal issues we face in life today.

That is the Focallocal project. DCIM100GOPRO

How it has affected people:

Any project that tells you it can measure its positive effect on society in numbers is lying. They can collect numbers to show to funders, but human and community interactions and lives are far too complex to be represented in numbers.

Anyone who wants to measure Focallocal’s impact just needs to come along to one of our events and look at all the happy faces, the people who were just walking past and ended up laughing and talking with new people; the smiles on the faces of those who didn’t choose to join in at being reminded that they are surrounded by positive people who will offer their time just to make others feel better about life.

Come along and look around. At least one of the people you see smiling will have been going through a terrible time right now. We don’t need numbers, we wont apply for funding! We need to reach that person with a smile from a friendly face in their community.

20140618_220532What is the grand vision.

Our vision is for everyone to see how easy, fun and powerful it is to create little events and projects, everywhere all the time that reach out and connect others in their local community. Focallocal events reach the whole community reducing the distance between people who haven’t met before, and they encourage people to join in and set up our projects which specifically focus on bringing isolated groups closer to their local community. The grand vision is for our idea to spread like a wave of positive community action across the World, with hundreds of thousands of little events, showing everyone that they can come together and shape the World around them into a friendly, connected and positive place. DCIM100GOPRO

How can people join in?

Contact Andy via the website or facebook and ask how you can set up an event or project in your city to build connection there. Many of the events are designed to reflect modern life, so you and a few friends can set them up in less than 30sec and then just come along and have fun on the day.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day,

Andy :0) x

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