July 1, 2014

Take Action! What can you do? (part 1 of the new Take Action page)

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Here’s a preview of a page i’m working on to make it easier for everyone who wwants to join us to be able to do so! The page will have tools for each group so we can share, collaborate and co-ordinate our efforts.


Want to learn a new skill? Try out a new career path? Get real world experience in a subject you are studying? Build up your CV/Resume? Be part of a community making change in the World? Or just love what we are doing and want to help it grow!? Join in one of our teams for any and all of these reasons and help our vision of a closer connected World become a reality!

What can you do? Well you can do pretty much anything you like if you think it’ll help, but here’s some suggestions and a place to discuss you ideas and find others to team up with.


Events and Projects

Visit out Events page to find an event you’d like to set up and start spreading connection in your local community!

Our events are projects are designed to bring people, and local communities closer together! to bring people in your local community closer together and share with them the wonderful gift of feeling connected, safe and surrounded by happy people where they live.

Most of our events are designed to require very little ..or even no time/effort to set up. While our projects for re-connecting groups likely to be isolated require commitment and effort, some of our events are big occasions and hundreds of people come along to enjoy the positive atmosphere; The Focallocal vision is one of small events, everywhere, every day! until being invited to join in a positive activity with and by people you haven’t met before is just a normal part of daily life.

We all want to make the World a better place, but our busy modern lifestyle makes free time valuable and commitment to a cause difficult. The World is in desperate need of an easy, simple, fun and commitment free way we can all be a part of creating change – and that is what the Focallocal project is!

Pick one and then send us an email and we’ll help you set it up.


Media Relations
Build a buzz about our projects, events and movement for building local connection, everywhere!

Every single person i’ve ever spoken to about Focallocal loves what we’re trying to do here! with your help our message and vision has the potential to spread like wildfire, pulling an unstoppable army of positive people from far and wide to gather behind us, with that combined energy, skills and enthusiasm behind our project what we can achieve is limitless!

Suggested Tasks: 

  • Send press releases, emails and make phone calls to local and national media sources
  • Contact good news networks
  • Write to reporters and editors
  • Comment on related stories online at news sites 
  • Find related blogs and ask if they will post an article about Focallocal



Web Team

Our (much needed) shiny new website is under construction thanks to the kindness, and awesomeness of Pawel and Lola. They would love to have more faces involved to help build the site so please get in contact if you have skills in:

  • Java
  • SEO
  • CSS 
  • Are able to build a simple but effective online shop using any free program
  • Would like to build/set up a new forum for the new site to integrate with


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