July 1, 2014

The Road Trip gets rolling again (towards Valencia and Alicante)

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Barcelona was far from the worst place to get stuck, but i was beginning to feel dishonest telling people i was on a Road Trip then returning to my van which had been stationary with a flat tire and battery for the 1 month; then at long last my replacement bank cards arrived so i could set off on the road again. 

Barcelona had been good to me, i met some amazing people, was parked 30secs walk from the beach and i ran some excellent Focallocal events (which i really hope the people i met will keep going now i’m gone). Next on the list is a visit to Valencia for 1 week and then Alicante for the next week, then back to Barcelona to collect the parts and convert the van to run on waste vegetable oil collected from local resteraunts.

Right now i’m writing to you all from a tiny cafe, in a tiny mountain village, which keeps its Xmas lights up in the main street all year round; and i’m surrounded by old spanish folk playing cards and drinking coffee. it looks like a nice life here! i was following signs for a beach last night, and have no idea why i’m up a mountain ..but its a nice spot and i think i’ll have a small hike/climb before driving into Valencia later. (i would post more photo’s but the technology curse has struck again and the Gopro is dying!DCIM100GOPRO)

If you know anyone in Valencia, Alicante or Barcelona; please tell them i’m coming and teaching people how they can use our simple events to make a big change in their local community, by bringing people closer together and spreading smiles.

Stay awesome and please get involved and join our mission for building local connection, everywhere!
Andy at Focallocal :O)


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