July 9, 2014

We need to Connect, and Focallocal is a Great Project – by Dominika

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Focallocal is a great project! Its so simple and i think that’s why it works and helps to connect people.

We all live on the same planet, but in our cities and neighborhoods we don’t communicate or collaborate as one anymore; we forgot how much power people have when they get together – The power to build better world.

To create a global connection we must start from local communities. We have forgotten that in a community we can share many things, skills, ideas, problems and solutions, and also happiness. Its very important for humanity to understand that we need to live together as brothers and sisters. We are good and together we have the potential to build a great place on Earth to grow up, live and grow old for me, you, our friends, families and every human being alive.


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Focallocal is a project which helped me to understand this idea; that we desperately need to come together and build a safe, friendly and happy world  for all of us to live in. We need to reconnect to remember that human nature is good and cooperative. I met Andy in Barcelona, he is such a nice person, he brings light.. I loved joining in the Pillow Fight4Connection event and Open Skills Sharing he set up.. This project gives me hope that we can build the world from our dreams by starting from small things and building upwards.



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