July 17, 2014

the van finally found its name, meet Conn(i)e!

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It took a long time for a the perfect name to come. thank you to everyone who helped bounce ideas around with me until a name came up that was right for our big, fairly slow, colourful, and cheerful van.

Conn(i)e is driving around the World spreading Connection, so the name is simply the essence and spirit of our van and road trip, and it seems to fit the reliable but slightly sluggish old girl like a glove ..perhaps a glove for all the happy hand prints our members decorated the side with :O)

So please welcome Conn(i)e to our community, and if you see her knock on the side and ask for the paint pens i have inside so you can add your colourful and positive art and decorations to make her look even more awesome!


Conn(i)e has come a long way since the day i bought her. for a start, no rust, all the door locks work now (up from just one) and the solar panel and leisure battery mean i can cook and plugin my electronics inside. she sure scrubs up well! looking amazing inside and out! 

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and there’s still lots of improvements to come!  TODAY i’m installing the Waste Vegetable Oil conversion kit so we can drive around for free! The furniture inside is to heavy so i need to redesign and feng shui it soon, and i really need to cut a hole in the roof and put in a window to stop it from turning into an oven when the sun’s out!


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