July 21, 2014

I’m too busy! probably you’re not, you just over-estimate how difficult it is

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Happy people at Focallocal events!

One thing i keep on hearing people everyone i meet saying is that they love they love the project and its idea, but they just dont have time to make a Focallocal activity.

I’m not talking about a few really busy people, i’m talking about honestly 99% of people i meet saying the same thing

..Now modern life is really, really fast and it squeezes our free-time out of us, but that’s not really whats going on here. Its become a living myth, like we are supposed to be busy all of the time, and feel guilty when we aren’t. Most people find time to watch a few hours on their telly each week, and taking Positive Action doesn’t even take 1/10th of the amount of time as watching one show, so while i know everyone actually believes it when they say it, they are mistaken

Now i have also heard people saying they are too tired from rushing around all the time, but here they are also mistaken they are making. Those who do come often mention that they almost didnt because they were tired, but afterwards they feel revived and energised. That’s the secret of positive energy. It works like a wave that bounces back to you from every person you share it with until you are filled with it. Going out and sharing it on the streets is the best way to get yourself more energy, while sitting down saps your energy and makes us feel heavy and more tired

World peace will ONLY come, when everybody realises that they themselves are the only ones who can achieve it! Its only when everyone in this World realises that they need to create the change themselves. not vote in politicians, or just donate money to other to make the change for us. We aren’t powerless, we are the only ones with any power at all to create a brighter future!

Ok, so, when i arrange a Positive Action activity, that generally takes me around 30 seconds. Its quicker as i already know the best locations, have the activity descriptions prepared, and have photos of where to meet. Our Gatherings Map has that all too and will walk you through it in 2 minutes max.

It even has the sharing links to the places you need to post it if you want heaps of people to come ..if you want. some of my best Positive Action activities have been with just 1, or a handful of other people

Here’s the process needed to make an event;
1. choose a place and time (same as choosing a bar to go to)
2. invite a few friends (same as….)
3. go there, enjoy the event yourself while helping spread connection and happiness (better than going to the cinema!)
3.5. it’s lovely if someone who went writes a paragraph about their experience to share with and inspire others.. but its not totally essential.


And now taking this concept a step further. you don’t even need to do that to be a Positive Action Hero. You can simply do at work, or while travelling somewhere you were going anyway. why not get one of our badges and offer to teach a skill while on the tube to work? or give hugs on the metro? or share bubbles on the bus going to visit a friend? or give out smiles while shopping at the supermarket?

Of course some people really want to be part of building something more complex, and that why we have our projects and Flash-Mobs in the Acition Center, where you join a team and grow something together with others 

So ok, quit the excuses and give it a try. it will make your week happier, and why wouldn’t you want that??

Send me an email if you still aren’t sure and i’ll happily talk you through your 1st Positive Action Activity,
Andy  :O)

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