July 29, 2014

TAKE A SMILE EVENT at the Immigration Office in Barcelona

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I came across Focallocal project in Barcelona while doing an internship in recruitment. I was introduced to the organizer Andy, by a friend and got really interested in the events that were being organised.

One afternoon we decided to ‘give out free smiles’ at the Immigration Office in Barcelona to encourage and entertain people who are dealing with, at times, frustrating immigration procedures and paperwork, are likely to be quite new to the country, and also to passersby.


We met up in front of the office and it took us about 10 minutes to draw little happy and colourful smiley faces on some paper and then we started giving them to everybody around the office. It was a truly incredible, rewarding and fun experience, which was organised with no effort and took just a couple of hours of our day. The great thing about the event is that you make people stop for a second, take a break from their thoughts and smile, which makes you feel happy like you have done something great.

During the event many people we talked to were very grateful, and we came across some who admitted that they really needed a smile as their day wasn’t going well. Also along the way we also helped a family of tourists to find where the police station was after their handbag had been stolen, they really needed our smiles in their day and they sent us lovely messages on facebook afterwards .


The event only took us less than two hours, but filled me with energy for the rest of the day, and more!

I felt quite tired in the morning before the event from a crazy few weeks, but talking to people and simply smiling to them made me forget about all my problems and tiredness, leaving just positive emotions behind. This simple act of kindness gave me much more than I expected. I would really advise everyone to spend a few hours of their free time once in a while to give out some free smiles and this will make you feel like you have contributed to making the world a better and kinder place! much love, 

Katerina 🙂


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