September 1, 2014

Positive Action Road Trip 2014 Update: Hit the refresh button

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After a long forced break, my (astoudingly poorly built Samsung) laptop (dont buy one) has finally got a replacement screen (..again) and i can get back to writing about all the happiness and local connection building going on.

I had to wait in Lyon for a month for the replacement screen to arrive and besides a few awesome Focallocal events, and meeting some awesome people not too much happened other than some work on the van’s veg oil conversion (an article on Free Travel is coming soon!) 

After Lyon the road trip took me 2000 meters up into the mountains, to an astonishingly beautiful, peaceful and calm lagoon oasis, on the border between France and Italy called Lac du Mont Cenis, which was too perfect to pass without spending a day enjoying the sunshine and crisp fresh air.

There were mountains surrounded in mist, so i went for a couple of hours climbing to see what was above the clouds (turns out it was just a sense of achievement, some exercise and an even more incredible view. 

Now onwards to fill Italy with Focallocal happiness!

Thanks for reading, and please join our mission by adding a Focallocal activity to spread positivity into your daily life :O)

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