September 3, 2014

Connecting Canvas Toulouse – a great way to meet positive people!

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Connecting Canvas is another one of our really simple connection events which brings people who haven’t met before together to have fun and explore their creativity. 

The activity is a brilliantly easy way to meet positive people and make awesome new friends (who else would join something so far from ordinary behaviour) – perfect for people who are travelling right now like us! (Focallocal Road-Trip).

All you need is:
– an hour or two 
– a sheet of paper (the bigger the better)
– some pens

I found a few nice people on CouchSurfing while looking for a place to shower, and asked if they’d like to come and join me for a few hours to spread happiness in Toulouse. 

Jenny was enthusiastic so we met at the Toulouse “beach”, a lovely area full of free activities for children and families and free sunbeds for chilling out by the cities main river. Jenny was a big personality with a huge abundance of positive energy and positivity, the perfect person to run an event with! she had brought an old poster to draw on which was great for the event as it was big enough for 6 people to gather around and draw on at the same time.

The Connection Canvas works by walking around a public place and inviting everyone we meet to draw with us. simple as that ..but with one catch. everyone’s drawings have to interact so as to encourage discussion and creativity, and to produce a beautiful collaborative piece full of everyone’s creativity at the end. For example, if one person draws a crab then i might draw a hat on it, then the next person might draw shoes on  its feet. The drawing kind of flows, rather than taking turns but the idea is that each part of the drawing should have everyone in the group contributing to it. So Jenny and me walked around by the river asking everyone we met if they would like to join us and draw together.

Once we had a group of 4 people we began drawing, occasionally with me or Jenny going out to ask others passing if they’d like to join in too. We drew for around 45mins and made friends with a some very friendly and open minded people  :O) (the drawing also helped me make friends and overcome the language barrier, as we mostly spoke in French). Connecting Canvases are great to run in any public place and take hardly any time at all to plan and set up.

why meet your friends for a coffee, when you can meet them to spread positivity and meet happy, open minded people?

Try running one yourself, i guarantee you’ll have fun and meet lovely people! and please send me an email, or write an article here to tell me and others about your experience!

Have a wonderful day,

Warm wishes, Andy at Focallocal :O)

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