September 10, 2014

Travelling with Positive Action: The best way to meet Positive, Happy and Open-minded people while on the Road!

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Focallocal is a simple and easy way that we can all change the World around us by reaching out a friendly hand to others in your local community, creating a warmer, happier and safer place to live. Join our movement for positive social action by signing up to our newsletter, sharing our articles, and inviting a friend or 2 to join you for a wonderful hour or 2 of spreading happiness today!  


Here’s an article specifically for travellers about my experience of using Focallocal events as a way to meet positive and open minded people while on the road. I started planning 2 events/week, and now i do 30mins every day as it is the most amazing way to add some positivity into your day!


Since the age of 17 I’ve built my life around travel and after realising that I was really not good at marketing, funding and all that other business type stuff, I decided that the best way I could take my idea for making the World a happier and more connected place (Focallocal), was to take it there myself!  


Travelling with Focallocal events and projects has come as an wonderful surprise, completely reinventing travelling for me. In the past I would occasionally have the pleasure of bumping into wonderfully happy, energetic and positive people and then sharing some great times together – but now those people are the ones who are interested and inspired by the events i’m running, and they are stopping in the streets to join in and chat, all of the time! Or hearing about the project and offering to organise events with me.  


As a comparison I have CouchSurfed and Hitch-Hiked a lot in the past, and occasionally you get that perfect host, or person who gives you a ride, who is positive, energetic and super enthusiastic to share their way of living life and the coolest things going on in their town, and introduce me to their friends; now its so easy, as they are the ones who will stop and join in something unusual, random and fun; i’m having incredible experiences in every single city I stop in!


Here’s a relevant quote from Ramsey who came spreading positivity with me in Klagenfurt, Austria: Spreading happiness is what couchsurfing is about, but Focallocal brings that to another level. Keep spreading happiness and smiles Andy!


It sounds great, but I don’t have the time? is by far the most common thing I hear about Focallocal.  At first I thought people were afraid of the idea and making excuses, but i’ve come to understand is that modern life is so fast paced that it squeezes us to surrender every second of our free time, and what people have left they are very protective about. Everyone who watches the news or reads a paper and see’s all the negative things going on wants to make the World a better place, but most people really don’t feel like they have the time to make a positive change themselves.



For Focallocal to spread around the World I realised it needed to fit smoothly and easily into people’s current lives, without taking any of that valuable free time, otherwise most people would ‘like’ it, but not join in our positive social action. I split our activities into ‘Events’ and ‘Projects’, now most of our Events simply requiring you to pick a place and time, then turn up and spreading happiness for an hour or 2. So now you can invite friends for a quick Focallocal event instead of meeting them for a coffee or beer – or even run an event to make your commute to/from work more interesting and meet positive people.


Our Projects are there for there those who want to get more involved in positive community action and reach out to those who are harder to reach, like homeless, elderly and long-term lonely people, etc.  


Last weekend me and Caroline ran 3 Focallocal events in Verona while sightseeing in the city. No preparation needed, just us with some pens and paper to give out smiles, bottles of bubbles to share the simple joy of bubble blowing, and pillows to give out and invite people passing to swing them in happiness with us! We instantly attracted positive people to us and met the kind of people who would love to share their city with outsiders. here’s heaps more of our events

If you are travelling you should really try it! Running quick, Focallocal Positive Public Action events is absolutely the best way i’ve ever found to add positivity into your life, meet awesome people, and a simple way to make the World we live in a happier and friendlier place.

If you do so please post articles and photos of your events here to share your happiness making with others and spread the idea further – i’m convinced together we can change the World!  


Please join us!

Andy at Focallocal :O)

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