September 25, 2014

Sharing some BUBBLY happiness in Lyon!

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We chose the central train station (Lyon Gare Partie-Deux) in Lyon as a place that needed brightening up for the day – a place where lots of people would be, and one where lots are rushing around, waiting in lines and generally a place which doesn’t have enough people smiling. 

There were supposed to be a group of us meeting, but as often happens when setting up events some people didnt show – leaving just me a Sarah. Focallocal events reach out and bring people in, so two people is more than enough and that is half the magic of our project (1 is often enough, but it does feel more comfortable to have an ally 😉 So the two of us placed around 30 bottles of bubbles at the side of a busy walk way (on the concrete outside because the bubbles could make a shiny indoor floor slippery) and set about spending the next hour asking everyone we met if they’d like to blow a few bubbles. 

I’m not great at languages so i struggled a bit at the beginning, but started getting by after a while with just waving a bottle at people, becoming with my hand and saying “gratis, gratis” while gestering that i wanted them to blow bubbles with me ..i think my intentions were communicated well enough to be family appropriate. 

Here’s what Sarah had to say about the event:

“I was really curious about the people’s reaction to the idea, and i was really happy to share this experience with people from my country. For me it was interesting to see how the French people reacted and their responses expanded my knowledge of my own culture. It was a way to spend the day being optimistic, and closer to my culture (French culture 🙂 ) and i think it was interesting too being with Andy because there was an international connection too.”

“During the event i saw some French people happy to speak English with Andy and it was funny because a lot of French doesn’t dare to speak English! The choice of bubbles to make contact with others was interesting because it is an ephemeral experience and a fun and attractive game for children and adults! i enjoyed talking to the people who stopped to blow bubbles with us and making friends with them. my opinion of the event was that it was a ‘bubble symphony’ “. 

If you want to run one yourself you can invite lots of people and ask them to bring 2 or 3 bottles each, or alternatively you grab lots of little bottles really cheap – here’s a link to 24 unbelievably brilliant little bottles i found for £3. no kidding, i’ve got loads of more expensive ones in my van, but i give out these 1st as they are absolutely outstanding. its a great investment, as you can fill it up from a mix of dish detergent liquid (or liquid soap, or bubble bath) and water – so any time you want to fill the sky with bubbles in the future it costs less than £1 to refill them.

here’s Sarah in action..unfortunately not everyone understands the simply, joyful magic of blowing a bubble, but lots of others did have their day lifted :0)

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