September 25, 2014

Take a Smile and Bubble Blowing Events in Verona

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Intro: Focallocal is a simple and easy way that we can all change the World around us, just by reaching out a friendly hand to others in your local community we can create a warmer, happier and safer place to live. Join our movement for positive social action by signing up to our newsletter, sharing our articles, and inviting a friend or 2 tojoin you for a wonderful hour or 2 of spreading happiness today!   

I’d been working on the website and driving a lot recently, so me and Me and Caroline decided to get me away from the screen by throwing 3 Focallocal events in 2 days when we got to Verona – just to show how easy it was to add Focallocal events into your day to day life.

We picked a spot to sit in the sun while we made and decorated some “Unisciti a Noi. Prendere Una Bolla” signs (Join us and Blow a Bubble signs (i hope). We then picked a spot where lots of people were passing, near the Verona Stadium (a cool Colosseum style ancient building) and began offering bottles to passers-by and asking them to join us filling the sky with Bubbles. At the start we got a mix of strange looks and smiles for the 1st 5-10 mins – Caro looked more awkward than a nun in a Carribean Conga line ..but finally our 1st person stopped and joined us; laughing and having a good time togetther.

More people quickly joined and from then on the event was easy and fun. Many happy people came and went, and lots of smiles and cheerful words were shared. :0)

The bubbles stopped a little early when a tubby, grumpy little Italian police officer came over and demanded we CEASE making people smile. he rattled off a couple of daft reasons why, correcting himself as he realised how silly they sounded, then finally settled on that the concrete might get slippery when the bubbles popped on it, and left looking happy that he’d done his job well.

Indoors he might have had a point, outside on that kind of floor with our tiny little bottles he was just being pedantic – don’t run a bubbling event on a shiny, polished floor!). It happens very rarely that we get moved on, but its easy enough to move elsewhere. We went around the corner and carried on for a little, then decided to pack up and spend an hour walking around the city, giving out smiles to unsuspecting people instead with the Take a Smile Activity.

As always with the smiles people’s first reaction is that we are trying to sell something and so they so no. I’ve learned to be very clear with something like “ah go on, its just a smile and its free”, when presented in a direct and happy way, probably around 80% of people happily take one and leave smiling.

Sightseeing, spreading happiness, community connection, and meeting positive people – an excellent way to spend a day! We met loads of lovely people, including lots who wanted to know more and come and join in our Pillow Fight the next day. note made: running an event to invite people to another event seems like a good combination :O) Stay awesome! and why not give a Focallocal Upload F Upload D upload C upload B upload A

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