October 2, 2014

Bubbling around Trieste, Italy

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We were bubbling around Trieste … searching for smiles on people walking by … and when a smile has been caught, bubbles have been offered. Some of the people care more, some less but hey it’s like that with every thing, isn’t it?


Our meeting point was in Trieste, Italy at Piazza Unità d’Italia. It was still warm and sunny, and I had a coffee with my mum in a nearby cafeteria while waiting Andy to arrive. Summer-ish feelings were leaving sight as the sea got darker, but the Italian waiters were charming as always. Yes I have been told that ordering cappuccino in the evening is considered a crime in Italy, but it looks like I have gotten away with it, once again. Bubbles finally arrived, along with Andy’s smile, and the Bubbles blowing went with the flow, literally, as we started to wander around the streets of Trieste – stopping random people to give them a glimpse of happiness (invite them to blow some bubbles with us).

My dear friend Tanja gave us personal tour of Trieste and at the same time as blowing bubbles I felt we had this magic opportunity to change the course of evening for the people walking by. We blew lots bubbles with complete strangers, shared those magic positive vibez, and have received a lot of smiles and laughter, which for a thrilling moment connected us all. Everyone have said goodbye with a smile on their face and yeah, when they left I got Andy’s point: ‘ Katarina, no one can be grumpy or sad when blowing bubbles.’

Thanks for reading, have a lovely day full of happiness and love <3

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