October 28, 2014

Give a Bubble in Klagenfurt

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Ramsey: Not only did I feel a nice connection with Andy beyond the usual mutual couchsurfing vibe, Andy (and Katarina) helped me distract myself from my stressful schedule with an afternoon of bubbles and smiles. Spreading happiness is what couchsurfing is about, but Focallocal brings that to another level. Keep spreading happiness and smiles Andy!



Me and Katarina were staying in Klagenfurt on the Focallocal Roadtrip 4 Connection, using FL events to spread happiness to Austria. We decided on Give a Bubble and invited our CouchSurfing host Ramsey and his flatmate Becks to join us spreading happiness and connection in their local community.
Becks wasnt at all sure about joining us, as a soldier in the Austrian army the idea of blowing bubbles was initially a little far out from his usual environment, and comfort zone. Fortunately Katarina is a bouncing ball of positive energy and soon convinced Backs to give it a go. We arrived in the city center and started offering the bubbles to passers-by just as the miserable weather stopped, and some gorgeous sun shine had arrived just in time to meet us.


Things started a little slowly, but then we met cheerful and lovely Maggie, a psychology student who also works as an eco-fundraiser with lots of experience in approaching people to collect donations. Maggie fell in love with the idea of approaching strangers, just to offer them the opportunity to smile and laugh with each other over a few bubbles; so much so she accepted our invitation to stay sharing bubbles, stories, smiles for the whole of the hour we ran the event, and also joined us for a Mulled wine (Glueh wine) afterwards. One of my favourite things about Focallocal events is how the happiest, friendliest and coolest people always stop and talk to us – its easily the best way i ever found to make positive and fun new friends.


Here we all became extremely jealous of the Amazing Spider(wo)man and Princess Peach costumes these two adorable girls were wearing for no special reason, i wish adults wore awesome costumes for no speical reason more often!


Overall I found the people in Klagenfurt were a little more reserved than some other cities I’ve run FL events in, but as always there were lots of people that were very grateful for the opportunity to step out of their cultures expected normal behaviours and be free to enjoy a happy experience with each other. Becks was a great example that we will always be happier when we join in the silliness, he was full of smiles and told to me during the event that it ‘was a shame we lose our freedom to do these kind of things as we become adults’


…with your help, Focallocal can change that! Get started by inviting a few friends to join you spreading happiness today!!!

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