October 28, 2014

Pillow Fights 4Connection+Open Skills Sharing in Linz, Austria

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The weather was wonderful and the people of Linz were sunny and smiley. It may have been a more laid back city than the last stop in Klagenfurt, or perhaps it was just the perfect weather and its warm effect on people; but regardless everyone seemed happy to see us. Me and Katarina started off our stay in Linz with a Pillow Fight 4Connection, by the river – inviting all the people there, and passing by to come and join in the fun with us, and to connect with each other using a friendly Pillow in the Face as our tool of choice.  

The next day we went out to a nice green spot for an Open Skills Share – where everyone is invited to join us and anyone can ask anybody else to teach them a little about a new skill. Tbh, we didnt make a huge effort at reaching out to invite the public to join us, half because Philine was teaching Aerial Silks and the only suitable tree was hidden in a quiet corner ..the other half was because people from the Pillow Fight the day before all carried on the socialising with a few bottles of wine later, and so we were all pretty hung over.

Still it was a lovely social experience, just less reaching out to passers-by than normal 😛 Here’s a quote two new Focallocal members sent me about their experiences afterwards: Philine: 

I really enjoyed those two days at the Focallocal events with you and Katarina. It was a nice distraction from the daily routine and the events made me really happy. It was nice getting to know new people and have fun with them, even if it was often only for a few minutes. I think about doing such events myself sometime because i think laughter and happiness should be shared more often! Maybe now I will with Focallocal. Thank you for everything!

Sophie: It was really fun meeting you. I loved your activities. I think such things are wonderful, not only to bring people together, but also to remind people what s important in life! (uuh that sounds deep ) But seriously, how often do you get asked “How do you pay for all this” when the important question would be “What is your favourite pillow for the pillow fight and what kind of grass do you like to lay on?


To answer Sophie’s question:

  • a cheap, non-feathery one with a colourful pillow case (as the feather ones are not made ethically). The really cheap ones are softer so they don’t hurt (although without a pillow case some are scratchy), and you can swing them faster – in and out like a flash of lightning 😛 
  • Much as anyone else I guess, soft green grass, although I also love laying on freshly cut grass, it reminds me of my primary school :0)
  • I have tried to create Focallocal with as few costs as possible, and i havent ever taken any money from the project for my efforts (i’ve put around 6k of my money into it thus far). There are still a few unavoidable costs, like web hosting, and Connie’s very expensive mountain top break down (Stuck in Paradise).
  • The van (Connie) runs on old cooking oil (WVO) which I collect from local restaurants (articles coming soon), and I mostly eat couscous, or oats which I buy in bulk,and have big bag of (horrible tasting 😉 Spirulina for nutrition and vitamins, etc. Food works out to around 10 e/week atm. Right now money is really tight, so I’m also exploring other ways to eat for free, like “I cook if you buy exchanges”. Unfortunately, I normally end up buying a coffee as i need to get wifi and work on building our project, so coffee is my biggest expense right now.


Got Itchy Feet? Focallocal events are great where you live, but also a fantastic way to travel, spread happiness and meet positive people!

Why not join our community on the road while travelling, spreading happiness and promoting Public Happiness?

I’m happy to give anyone help and advice on how to travel on a mega-small budget, and make sure you meet with other Focallocallers in their home cities, so you know there is someone Positive, Brave, Outgoing and Fun, waiting to meet you!

Why not give someone unsuspecting a smile today? It’ll make you smile too! Happy wishes for you all, Andy at Focallocal :0)

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