November 5, 2014

Stuck in Paradise pt 3 (Slovenia)

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We climbed into the the Tow truck, becoming passengers on the biggest circus attraction of the day in Slovenia. i’m surprised we didnt make the national news, maybe we did, if anyone saw Connie on TV please let us know.

As the Tow Truck drove passed carrying Connie the Connector high in the air – our large van, covered in colourful and happy paintings – everyone stopped and stared in shock and surprise. I’ve been hunting for photos of the sceptical but although i know may were taken i’ve found nothing so far ..i was very distracted by planning solutions for the financial issues that were soon to follow

After an hours drive the truck dropped Connie off in the pouring rain, and we said good bye to our saviour at the only mechanics in this half of Slovenia with the facilities to repair a 3.5T van. They were getting ready to close, but after a few mins of talking the Mechanic simply disappeared – having understood that we were in difficult situation he had jumped into his car and drove an hour away to pick up a new clutch for Connie without saying a word

While he was gone the rest of the family gathered around us and showed us how they live  life. We got a guided tour of the house, including a lovely sample of the families award winning honey, and seeing the gorgeous art their grandmother made from things collected in the forests. We explained the Focallocal project an showed all the photos of happy people from our events, then invited them to draw happy things on Connie (the van). It was a really lovely sight to all three generations – mother, daughter and grandmother, all laughing, smiling and playing with creative drawing together

The mechanic returned and worked until 11pm with his son, fixing a brand new clutch to the van, so that we were ready to continue our adventure again the next day. They also gave us a big discount for their late night work – it is amazing how much people are prepared to help those on a Mission to do some good for the World!

Then we drove off to take on, and defeat those Slovenian/Italian mountains which had halted us twice already

We are making a big push to get the community to support itself a little earlier than was expected. Please join in and help out by offering something kind you can do for others, or bidding in our Kindness and Fun Things Auction

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