November 15, 2014

Berlin + They Kidnapped Connie!!!

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Berlin wasn’t the friendly place i was expecting when I first arrived. Most of my first 2 days there was spent walking around town looking for wifi so I could work on Focallocal, and “most” is not at all an exaggeration! It seems Germany, the economic heart of the European Union, is still very much in the Dark Ages when it comes to public Wifi, from what i could understand its because cafe’s are legally responsible, and fined regularly for anything their customers do on their Wifi – so very few think its worth the hassle.

I walked around cafe’s, bars, libraries (libraries, without WIFI!?) for over 12 hours on my 1st day, finding nothing.. although frustratingly I knew I could prob google where to find it quite easily, if i could find… Not completely unproductive though as i got to see a lot of the city, and chill out with a super friendly family of deer just after waking up, which was an unexpected highlight.

So I made finding somewhere to stay with wifi (and a shower) the priority and found a couch to stay on through Mo (a friend of our project who has been a huge help getting Connie ready for the drive to Vietnam). Henrik was the couch’s owner and invited me to stay with him in a huge flat he and his housemates had somehow found.

It was the former home of the priest and his family, so their flat is connected to a church next door, and it was a gigantic, luxurious house and a beautiful balcony, it is the perfect set up for the well organised hippy style communal living space they’ve created there, although how they found a space like that which didn’t have an astronomical rent i don’t know. They had regular guests over to stay, or just hang out, communal cooking and house social activities every day or two, along with a lovely easy going buzz where you felt welcome to just be yourself, without needing to impress anyone – it felt like my stay in Berlin was going to get much better 🙂

I arrived and met the guys and girls living there, took a much needed shower to increase the chances they’d want to be my friend, and then walked back to move Connie from 1 street away where i’d parked to the church’s car park ..when I got there Connie had vanished!

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