December 1, 2014

Ask me anything! on the 14th Dec i’m answering any and all Q’s about Focallocal and my lifestyle

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I guess my lifestyle is something some people would find interesting and unusual, so i’m going to be answering questions on popular online site Reddit to spread awareness of our Community, and hopefully to bring more people to join us using Public Happinesss to make the World a friendlier, happier, safer and more connected place. If you have any questions about myself or Focallocal please join us on the 14th December.

Reddit works on a voting and activity basis, so it would be a big help in getting more people to see the Q+A if you’d join in and take this opportunity to ask anything you’ve been wondering about Focallocal; like, where the idea came from, where its going to, why i’m driving to Vietnam, or anything about how i live, and what i had for breakfast.. i’m open to answering pretty much anything that crosses your mind :O)airial silks

  • The Q+A will begin on Sunday the 14th of December at 1pm GMT
  • I’ll be answering questions all evening, and the next day if enough people are interested
  • Here’s a link you can use to find my post:
  • and then search for “Andy at Focallocal” (you’ll need to make an account to vote and ask a question, but its less than 10 seconds to sign up)


See you there!

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