December 6, 2014

The CSTM are nominated to receive our Kindness Auction’s donation for their work with London’s homeless folk

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A Huge thank you to everyone who joined in our Kindness and Fun Things Auction in October. The offers receiving the highest bids were made by Hannah Marie and Slava Nova, (both offering massages) and together they selected The Connection at St Martins to receive our donation of £15.62 (50% of all donations received to support our community).

CSTM is a wonderful charity based next to Trafalgar Square in London, who offer shelter and support to the homeless people living in London. Focallocal have run projects with them in the past and so i’ve been able to see 1st hand the excellent work they do. In fact we went there hoping to offer their members some positive social activities.

Most/many charities focus just on the core issues of shelter, food and getting people back into work/education, not putting much attention towards to the mental health issues caused by facing the stresses that generally accompany not having somewhere to live ..we went there, only to find the CSTM were already doing an incredible job of taking a holistic approach with their members, offering activities which included among other things an organised football team and regular art classes.


Perhaps the best praise i can give is that they didn’t really need us, but were still happy to allow inside to offer our social activities to their members 🙂

Here are the hero’s we have to thank for their contributions and participation in Octobers Kindness AuctionKatarina Starc, Hannah Marie, Pamela Mc Clean, Slava Nova, Ramsey Rimkeit, Julita Deka, Sarah Maree, Lucas Amazonas, Katarina Kockina and Miroslaw Jankowski

If you would like to offer something, or find an unusual Xmas gift for a loved one  in Decembers Kindness Auction please visit the page and send me an email ..with Xmas coming up now is the perfect time!

Thank you all for helping our community to keep going, and allowing us to support a small charity doing excellent work with a group of people living in difficult circumstances!

Slava and Hannah’s offers from Oct:

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