December 16, 2014

What Focallocal Does – a short intro for newer members and visitors (with examples)

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The Focallocal Community is a project bringing people together to take positive action to make the World around them a happier, friendlier, safer and more connected place. Our community plan, share ideas, set up, and run a wide range of positive social action activities, focusing on all societal issues in their local community.

Our International event last month Inspire MY City Focallocal members covered 21 cities around the World with positive, encouraging and supportive messages, to give the people living there a little lift and some inspiration to meet life’s challenges with renewed enthusiasm.

Our community is a forum for people wanting to meet for Positive Action Gatherings, simple activities to get people on the streets talking and having fun with each other around positive activities. Here are a few recent articles:

We also encourage and support people to set up more complex projects to tackle specific societal issues in their community here’s a few examples;

  • Social projects with people who are homeless surrounding art and up-cycling, to provide normal positive interaction as a rest from the stresses of living without a home, and perhaps a small source of income by selling up-cycled products at a local market

  • Urban beautification projects to build pride for a local community and a nicer feeling place to live.

  • Discussion dinners on the meaning of life and being human to reduce distance between different social groups and remind folk that people are people; combining the wealthy, homeless, squatters and entrepreneurs

  • Xmas cards with encouraging messages posted to groups likely to be lonely or going through difficult times; like the homeless, incarcerated, those in elderly homes or hospices, etc

  • We also donate to local charities each month money raised through our Kindness Auction 

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