June 10, 2015

60,000 People around the World joining in our International Give a Bubble Day!!

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Societal Issue Targeted:

  • Connecting people across demographics using bubbles, and promoting community connection
  • Reminding people of a time when it was normal to be friendly and have fun with people they’d just met



We’ve been busy! International Give a Bubble Day is now our biggest event in terms of numbers that we’ve ever put on with more than 60,000 people joining us for Bubbly Positive Action in London, Amsterdam, New York, Barcelona, Helsinki and Toronto! (although Inspire MY City still has the record for most cities with 21!)

Being a Focallocal event it will, as always be a mountain of fun and laugher, but like all of our activities we’ve picked a societal issue and we’re going to use our bubbles as a tool to improve it. This time we’ll be connecting local communities, and promoting friendly interaction between people who haven’t met.

After an epic  bubbling Flash Mob which will fill the skies, and our hearts with bubbles – We’re then going to take to the streets to invite passers-by to stop and blow bubbles with each others for a few minutes to:

  • remind them of a time in life when it was normal to share fun with people they’d just met and promote friendly interaction in the community
  • remind others that they are surrounded by friendly people who happily give their time from their day, just to make others smile
  • show people how easy it is to create community connection using bubbles. hopefully more people will join our Worldwide community and give bubbles where they live more often – i do it all the time: Give a Bubble

Here’s links to all the Soapy wonderfulness around the World this Saturday:

Toronto, Amsterdam, Helsinki, New York, Barcelona, London


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