August 19, 2015

Citizens Worldwide Take to the Streets – Just To Cheer Everyone Up!

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Article written by Noah Greco. 

A group called Focallocal, who promote themselves as an open community based on using simple activities to create a better world, for  all Positive Change Makers; recently organized an International day where people in 23 Cities all across the World took to the streets to chalk inspiring messages. The event called ‘Inspire MY City’ is a yearly event in its 2nd year with positive activists taking  from place around the world, from New York to the Ukraine. The group’s goal is “creating a mindset and culture where taking action to help others, and where you live a nicer place, is not an exception but the norm.” The events attracted hundreds of participants, who eagerly set about their mission of making the day of everybody living there a little more inspirational ..and perhaps motivate them to make decisions that could change their entire lives – if the right words find them at the right time.


Participants were urged to use quotes which would “help all of the people in our town to meet with their personal struggles with extra energy, by filling the streets with inspiration and encouragement.” On April 25th, Focallocallers around the World took to the streets with vigor, and wrote messages which would inspire thousands living in their cities. A few of my favorite messages were:

“You have nothing to lose except your fears”


“The best things in life are so expensive you can’t buy them with money.”


Cera, taking part from Dresden said that people around us were confused but also excited by what we were doing. they couldn’t believe that people were just writing happy messages on the street with no evil/corporate agenda. These messages are a great way to get a message of happiness into the real world

Donna in Berlin was excited to look at people leaving for work in the morning and watch how one of the first things they will see would be a thought or a saying written with chalk in different colors which will encourage, make them smile or affect them in some positive way.” This type of kindness is truly infectious!


And the quotes didn’t just lift people reading them, even those writing them were inspired. Keenora, who participated in the event in Oberhausen, Germany said ” For me it is like, I would cheer up someone without doing much. I know, that someone will read it and just smile! And just the thought of that smile, makes me smile!


Cera also said she felt that it felt really lovely to be doing something that people normally have negative association with (drawing on public property), but then having them be surprised with the positive messages and intentions we were sharing… through our expectations being challenged and shattered that we really learn and come to terms with the world. Therefore being able to challenge people’s misconceptions with positivity and joy felt really beautiful.”

Focallocal is a community for people wanting to take positive action to make the World around them a better place to live, and want you to set up your own ‘Public Happiness’ events all around the World (either from their website, or suggest your own idea). One that really caught my attention is coming up soon. This August, there’s a “Guerilla Urban Beautification Day”, where local people gather at ugly, dirty areas in their city and “making them beautiful” with paint, flowers, building benches and tables, art works, planting trees, etc.


If you’d like to read more, or join in the Public Happiness Movement you can explore their website at:

And here’s an album with more photos from the event:

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