September 10, 2015

What i experienced when i met Focallocal. Why i joined the team and became Tus at Focallocal

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1) what was your 1st experience of Focallocal

I saw a random post on my facebook page of Andy who asked if anyone wants to draw some smiles over coffee and then give them away to everyone in Camden after. 

I thought what a lovely idea and offered to meet with Andy right away. It was such a surprising and terrific experience. Drawing is so much fun, maybe i had forgotten, and drawing smiles is even more fun! It reminded me a bit of being a child again, but int he best way. I also enjoyed very much giving smiles away, many people who received smiles looked much happier from their interaction with us – we were giving out smiles without any expectation for return, its unexpected in today’s World. Some people were suspicious at first, then they got the idea, a simple positive contribution we want to make to their day, and they smiled. 

Since then, after the experience of drawing a smile I asked the question ‘what would happen for me if I draw a smile every day’. I joined the Focallocal Community and organised a challenge to draw a smile everyday for 1 month, and lots of people joined in, many people even successfully drawing a smiley EVERY DAY, FOR 31 DAYS!! OMG it was Terrific. It was surprising for me to have so many lovely friendly people joining up this challenge which really makes my heart feel opened up. and amazing to see this possibility for a long lasting change in my life from a simple action: draw a smile, now it becomes a routine, a habit. …what would happen in my life if combine the two  events and I draw a smile every single day then give it away to someone I don’t know?’

tus 2

2) how would you describe the actions of members of  the public you interact with at Focallocal

Many people seemed hesitant at first, as its not something they are used to seeing, then they were very happy to receive free hugs, free smiles, free positive messages on the street. Lots also wanted to join our communities next event/ actions. 

3) what did you like about the community, and why did you want to be a part of it?

From joining Focallocal, I have received a lot of positive experiences from the activities. I have made awesome friends. Not just that I learned and proved to myself that I could take action, FUN ACTION to target societal issues, not just temporal experience but also creating long-lasting change, to other ..and to me!

4)  why should others want to join in?

If you want fun, engaging activities, this is definitely the right place. If you want to be with a group of friendly members who help you to learn and grow as a person this is also the right place. Not least, if you want to improve skills for your career, there are plenty projects you can join, try out and learn, from accounting skill, writing, public speaking, video editing, marketing, advertising, you name it.

tus 4

5) what is your view of the future of  the project

Focallocal is going Global! 

6) what’s the happiest moment you had because of Focallocal?

If you ask what’s the happiest moment I have had with Focallocal, I really can’t answer that. There are far too many awesome moments, I will name a few here:  receiving hundreds of smiles from people all from many different countries over one month, dancing and singing for 4 hours non-stop with buskers on the street, turning a whole tube into dance party with bubble, learning laughter yoga, drumming, self-defence all in one day! It has been incredible!  ^^  🙂 🙂 🙂

tus 3

Thank you all for reading! It feels great to have a chance to share my experience with you! 

Hope you enjoy whatever life brings today! 

We are alive! How amazing is that?

Tus Pham (Twinkly)

and now Tus @ Focallocal

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