March 4, 2016

The Big Street Sleeper Resource Map (Brighter Tomorrow Map)

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With our website almost ready for re-re-launch we’re going to start posting occasional articles here again :0)

Please share this and help it reach those who can/will help You’ve seen the astronomical increase in people sleeping on the streets. Its despicable and needs to change. With politicians moving their policies in entirely the opposite direction; despite many studies showing that it costs the state more to deal with the issues caused than it does to support people and help them from falling into that state in the first place.

We need to do something, and so we’re creating a big map for free resources which societies most vulnerable can use find what they need to meet their basic needs, and begin to change their situation. Things like, addiction support groups, free suit hire for interviews, washing machines, clothes give aways, etc.

If you know of any, across the UK or anywhere on this planet, please click this link and fill in the form. Then we’ll be giving out 200 laminated copies in London, and creating an online printable map for any other city that wants to do the same

We’re an international community of volunteers aiming to create a positive action Movement, if you’d like to join in more send me an email to: [email protected], or visit our website:

Thank you, you are amazing!
Andy at Focallocal :0)

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