October 11, 2016

#ChasetheSun: part 1 The 2016 Positive Action Road Trip begins! France and Besançon

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The ‘summer’ in London was ending, and just as it was looking like there wasn’t going to be a Positive Action Road Trip this year, until one of our longest members, Julita said ‘Hey, Andy. I want an Adventure, what’s going on? Lets Go!’ ..and so we did!

..thus the #ChasetheSun Road Trip 2016 was born (more or less an exact representation of what happened)

A few rushed modifications to our van Connie and we hit the road to show people in other cities how they can change the World they live in, using simple and fun Positive Action activities to make it friendlier, happier and more peaceful.

France ..it rained. Lots. and no, the windows i rushed in weren’t entirely water-proof (yet). We did have a short spell of great weather in Besançon, where long time Focallocaller and wonderful human-being, Sari, and her flatmate Mousse hosted us


We used the four days of gorgeous sunshine to its fullest, meeting awesomely positive people there using:

Free Hugs

a Pillow Fight 4Connection

and a Connecting Canvas

Montpelier didn’t happen. You can easily Focallocal in the rain, unfortunately the monsoon that hit us was insane, and while the windows i installed in Connie had held up to a few showers in London, the intensity of this rain decimated their water-proofing, and led to panicked actions to prevent the inside of Connie from becoming our own private, unwanted Jacuzzi.

After that ordeal we decided getting across the Alps and into Spain’s warm climate was a matter of urgency, and so our adventure in France ended. 

Check back soon to see more videos and articles of our Trip, 

If we make you jealous, give it a try yourself, Positive Action is far easier and more fun than you imagine, and is absolutely the most amazing way to meet positive and cool people while travelling :0)

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