December 4, 2016

Kindness and Fun Things Auction Winners January 2015

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Well done everyone!

The January Kindness Auction is over ..and it was a HUGE success, we raised £177.50 in total, with half going to support our positive action projects, and half going to support a small charity, The Equality Trust, as chosen by the most successful Positive Action Auctioneer Aoifie, whose diet and healthy living advice raised £51

Here’s a quote from the fabulous lady herself, on the auction and why she chose The Equality Trust.

“I was very keen to get involved with Focallocal. I believe charity begins at home and there are plenty of people in need around us in London before we look further a field. As a health professional improving peoples health and happiness is my passion. There is increasing evidence that social inequality and racism has a detrimental effect on health independent of other factors such as diet, housing etc. That is why I chose to support a charity supporting equality in London. It was win win for me as I also got to give a dietary consultation to someone and the money also went to charity. I would highly recommend becoming part of Focallocal”

Thank you soo much to all of the generous and fun people who joined in. You can see all of their offers here

and join in the next/current Kindness and Fun Things Auction here

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