December 19, 2016

Uncountable Hugs given to London – by David

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Fun facts from last night:

  • People took 3 snapchat videos with us.

  • More than 10 groups of people took pics with us.

  • At least 6 people (3 different groups) that were just passing, joined us to give hugs to strangers!

  • A guy having a Skype with his family somewhere in middle-east (my guess as the people on the other side of the call were wearing thawbs) came to us so we could say hi to his friends and family 🙂

    We met an old man with a little plush in his pocket that completely melted some of our hearts <3

  • We gave… UNCOUNTABLE hugs (I was about to try and make a guess on how many but I would certainly come up short 😛 )

  • We began at 7.30, and ended a bit later than 0:30, walking the streets. Started in Trafalgar Square, then moved to Leicester Square and ended in Soho (the last bit was only with 3 of us, but still so much great energy!)

    Maria Take a Smle edited (1 of 1) Free Hugs London Liverpool Street Focallocal 2016 (9)

Funny reactions of the people around:

  • Some saw us but didn’t get what we were saying until they passed through, then they looked at us smiling or just started laughing (so it worked!).

  • Some smiled at us but were too shy to give a hug in the end.

  • Others were a bit sceptical and asked us what the goal was for this and then they went for it while still not believing this was actually happening 🙂

  • Some people saw us from far (or heard “free hugs!”) and they screamed “free hugs??”, came running and literally jumped on us!! Haha

Best part:

  • At some point of the night (in Leicester Square) none of the participants could stop smiling and some couldn’t believe they were feeling such an extreme joy and happiness that came from “nowhere” … it was really a special feeling 🙂

  • Will definitely do this again, hope to see you wonderful lot next time 🙂

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Lots of hugs,


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