January 11, 2017

Hack Homelessness and Happiness – February 4th and 5th 2017

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Join in online, or in person in London

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We’re a community of volunteers who create projects and activities to make this world friendlier, happier and safer by targeting the roots of societal issues.

We have no funding and need your help to make magic happen.

Please write to anyone you know who you think might be interested and invite them to join in



The Brighter Tomorrows Map

We’ve been working on this resource map for 1.5 years now and it’s close to launch. This Hack-Day is to finally finish it, and promote it so it can begin helping those on the streets all around the World.

The map is called the ‘Brighter Tomorrow’s Map’ and it lists all the resources available to people who are living on the streets, with a focus on reducing the barrier between the public who want to do something to help, and those who are living on the streets around the World.


  1. established resources to meet basic needs like where to find showers, washing machines, addiction support groups, shelters
  2. informal resources to help change their circumstances like free suit hire for job interviews, pass it on coffee
  3. enabling the public to create a resource, for example i might offer informal CV help at a local library, or weekly web dev classes in a cafe

enabling people to filter and print off maps and lists of resources so they can be easily handed out to rough sleepers

This project has been featured in The Independent, but as built by volunteers has taken an extra-ordinary amount of effort to get to this point and i sincerely hope to be able to launch it in Feb to help anyone living on the streets, or in serious hardship, around the World including; the current Homelessness Crisis in the UK, Asylum seekers/migrants across Europe, The massive amount of US army veterans living on the streets

Needed Skills:

  • Meteor Developers
  • UX/UI Designers
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing/SEO Skills

(Rough) Roadmap


Happiness Hack

As some of you here already know, i run a community which brings people together to volunteer their skills and time to design and build projects which tackle societal issues in creative and fun ways. Like the Map above.

Our community has currently struggles to achieve this over Facebook, and our website is mostly built by me, and is not able to support the activities and projects our community are building, or grow and recognise the efforts made by the community. Alongside the Homelessness Project i’ll also be inviting people to come and get our web presence and portal into a state that is able to support and grow many more of these projects.

All skills can be utilised, these would be most helpful:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • WordPress
  • Graphic Design
  • UX/UI
  • SEO
  • Video Editing
  • Database Management
  • Copy Writing
  • Marketing, PR and Branding
  • Growth Hacking

(Rough) Roadmap: 
More projects being worked on
A terribly vague and fairly confusing ‘about us’ page: focallocal.org


Wrapping Up

We will be operating on the day using the Storyboard method via Trello, and discussions organised with threaded discussion forums and whatsapp chat groups, where you can bring in any other tools you care to use to open up development to the skills and creativity of those who are kind enough to join us.

I will be funding Pizza and perhaps a couple of beers in London if i can afford it.

We are run 100% not-for-profit, and have for the past 5 years operated entirely on positive energy and good people. No finances, or money besides what i sink in to keep it afloat and a Kindness Auction we’ve just launched to help support it now its getting too large for me to keep funding it solely myself.

If you’ve read this far i want you to know that you are an amazing human-being, and i’m grateful that you found our efforts interesting enough to give your time to

Andy at Focallocal :0)

We’ll be setting up a forum to join in and help planning the day shortly, for now the Facebook event is the best place to stay updated. (if anyone would like to set up a Discourse forum please get in touch)

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