January 13, 2017

how can we ‘positively’ halt the flood of fake news? new project!

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– (skip down if you just wanna read about the project)

Some of you may have noticed that for the past month and a half i’ve been spending an hour every day fact-checking others posts on Facebook and calling out all the oceans of B.S i uncovered, using sources, and statistics

It’s as if most bloggers, media and news sites have reached a point where they’ve realised there really is no down-side in misrepresenting, or simply inventing facts to support their stories. If it agrees with their beliefs most readers will share it anyway, and those who do call it out only increases the attention they get ..and of course in turn their profits

The journey has not been a lot of fun to be honest, often leaving me feeling frustrated at the state of this World, i’m constantly looking at the World through cynical glasses, but i felt compelled to keep on going

Interestingly though, as soon as i commented refuting BS i’d uncovered, lots of people would jump in as well. If i didn’t call it out everyone would just let it slide, as most of us have been doing these past few years as the tidal wave of lies has brought us:

  • to the brink of an anti-vaccination epidemic from those who won’t take the time to check death rates in communities around the World before and after they begin vaccinating, and don’t understand what ‘herd immunity‘ is or it is critical to saing the lives of weaker members of our society, and children to young to be vaccinated
  • chem-trails from commecial airlines from those who don’t know what a contrail is
  • a Brexit built upon sound-bites and lies rather than the legitimate arguments which needed to be discussed
  • 20 million Muslims marching against ISIS, which the mainstream media was blacking out ..because it didn’t happen. The Canary INVENTED a 20 million person protest march, seriously!
  • and of course the horror show that is, Donald Trump

Better News

Now for some good news, after  being confronted with a few well-researched replies, all of the original sharers would either apologise and delete it, or give up.

This means that if more people were to do join in what i did we can reverse the damage being done right now by news based on lies, or bending the truth, is perceived to have equal value to well researched news by legitimate sources.

Of course, you probably don’t want to spend an hour of every day, forever, doing this; and neither do i. What we need is a group where a community support each other in checking posts, sharing research and countering false news. It also needs to be in the heart of the fake news storm

Fact Check This!

..Here you go!

Just click share when someone posts something that smells fishy on Facebook, and lets fact check them together. As the community grows it will take no more than a few clicks.

Invite your friends to give it a boost and lets shut down this spread of fake and misleading news which is crippling our society

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