May 1, 2017

May 2017: Kindness + Fun Things Auction

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Click ‘Play Game’ here to offer something Kind or Fun in the Auction

Not sure what to offer? here are some past offers to give you inspiration ..or ask for suggestions in the group

Also, contact us if you’d like to be part of the amazingly wonderful team building and running the Auction


May’s edition of the Focallocal Kindness and Fun Things Auction is here to bring you unique and unusual experiences and bargains, and a whole lot of fun to support good causes.

One of the greatest gifts i get from running Focallocal is the truly inspirational people and groups we are introduced to who are doing awe-inspiring work around the World. We aim to find and support these projects and communities; those with small ideas flickering with unique creativity to bring more peace and happiness into this World. The small sparks that our support might breathe a flame into ..or prevent them from being extinguished and lost forever. Those who a little funding might make a vast difference to – instead of donating to big, well-established charities who would barely even notice our donations in amongst their corporate sponsorsships.

This month 50% will be going to support Cause Corps and 50% to support the long awaited launch of our community’s Brighter Tomorrow Map

Cause Corps

“Cause Corps is making doing good a daily habit around the globe, by providing micro-volunteering opportunities to local communities. Here in London, we partner with Spires; a homeless resource centre that aims to improve the quality of life of homeless adults.
Through the kindness auction, Cause Corps are raising funds in order to continue our community projects that support Spires. These include creating mindfullness colouring sheets, blankets, as well as reflection diaries for the homeless. Check out our May events here

Here’s the event we are fundraising for

The Brighter Tomorrow Map

A map to find and offer resources to and for those who are homeless or going through hard times, all around the World. The map is a platform to connect in a constructive and helpful way those living on the street near you, with many ideas for supporting them to change their path and build a brighter tomorrow. visit the Brighter Tomorrow Map (Alpha version)

Current total raised for inspirational causes: £417.50

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